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Credit Account: All rental customers must have an account established with Power Line Rent-E-Quip, Inc (PLREI) to be eligible to rent equipment and conduct other credit based transactions. An account may be requested by submitting a PLREI credit application. This application is subject to credit acceptance. The information provided by the customer shall be kept in strict confidence and will not be shared with anyone outside the acredit acceptance process unless expressly authorized to do so. Accounts must be maintained in good standing in order to transact any equipment rentals.

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Billing: All rental invoicing will be made in advance commencing at the start of the rental period and continuing every thirty days thereafter. All invoices are due upon receipt. A finance charge of 18% will be added to any Invoice over thirty days. Weekly rates are computed at the rate of one third the stated monthly rate. Three weeks rental constitutes one month. Daily rates are computed at the rate of a day.

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Insurance: The Customer must have on file with PLREI evidence of acceptable insurance for all rental equipment. Evidence of such coverage shall be furnished prior to delivery and customer receipt of the equipment and must remain in force for the duration of the rental. Self-insurance by the Customer may be accepted by PLREI only upon the receipt of duly endorsed Customer correspondence stating their intention to self-insure, and the review and approval of the Customer’s most recent audited financial statement. This process must be renewed every twelve months to remain valid. All stated coverage requirements shall remain in force.

Delivery: PLREI does not employ drivers. PLREI utilizes contract drive away services and can add the delivery cost to the rental invoice. Please note that all deliveries require additional notice to set up.

Delivery Charges: All equipment shipments shall be FOB PLREI, which is located at 36 Noble Avenue in Roanoke, VA. The Customer shall pay any assembly / disassembly charges necessary for the operation and/or legal shipment of the Equipment. Unless otherwise stated by an authorized agent of PLREI, all transportation charges are to be paid by the Customer. The customer shall be responsible for unloading the delivered equipment from the transport vehicle and erecting it at jobsite and for dismantling equipment and reloading on the transport vehicle at jobsite. If requested, PLREI will furnish a service technician on site for technical assistance during the assembly or dismantling process for a fee payable by the customer.

Fuel Charges: All equipment should ship from PLREI or be delivered to the Customer jobsite full of fuel. Please notify PLREI rental staff if this is not the case; likewise, equipment being returned at conclusion of the rental is to be filled with fuel. Any fuel added to equipment upon return will be charged to the Customer at contract closure.

Maintenance and Operation: All equipment must be inspected and greased thoroughly on a daily basis; service should be conducted on all unit systems in accordance with the respective manufacturer’s guidelines. Fuel, grease, filters, oil, and anti-freeze shall be the responsibility of the Customer as well as any ground-engaging attachments/components or other items subject to excessive wear or extreme conditions / use. For new rental fleet units in their base warranty period, PLREI will conduct or coordinate factory-mandated inspections and service at its sole expense. Customer shall employ only competent operators and shall assume full responsibility for the equipment during the rental period. Customer shall ensure proper care for and not permit it to be used beyond its rated capacity. For a fee payable by the Customer, PLREI shall provide qualified personnel, either on-site or at PLREI location, to conduct product orientation for Customer operators and technicians in accordance with the manufacturer’s operation manual. This training is orientation only and PLREI shall bear no responsibility for subsequent operator or product performance relating to that training. Should the Customer discover any defect in the equipment, Customer shall notify the Lessor immediately and, if so instructed by PLREI, shall cease using the equipment.

Repair: Should the equipment experience some type of failure during the rental period, the Customer may at its own expense elect to repair such failure if experienced in doing such. If the repair is felt to be beyond the expertise of the Customer, PLREI should be notified to repair the equipment.

Dirty, Damaged, or Lost Equipment: All PLREI equipment provided shall be clean, current on all applicable inspections and official documentation, and in good working condition. Please notify PLREI rental staff if this is not the case.

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An outbound condition report and photos shall be on file at PLREI. If there is damage not noted on the condition report, please notify PLREI immediately. Equipment shall be returned to PLREI at the end of the rental period in a cleaned condition and in the same mechanical condition as received, less ordinary wear and tear. Furthermore, the Customer agrees to return the said equipment complete with any accessories, attachments, operation/service manuals, titles, plates, registration and similar documentation that may be contained in the rented equipment at the commencement of or during the term of the lease. Any replacement costs or repair of damage to the equipment will be charged to the Customer to return the equipment back to similar condition prior to the rental. The Customer shall also expect to pay a reasonable cleaning charge for equipment returned extremely dirty. Under typical circumstances, PLREI shall report such damages to the Customer within 96 hours (4 business days) of PLREI receipt of the rental equipment and shall provide a written repair estimate within another four working days thereafter. PLREI shall grant the Customer a reasonable amount of time to review the repair estimate and/or inspect the damaged equipment. This review/inspection period shall not exceed seven working days from the date of the estimate. In certain damage/repair cases, the Customer may be responsible for rent while the damaged unit is either satisfactorily repaired or replaced. The Customer is to immediately notify PLREI in the event of an accident or loss or disappearance of the equipment.